Mishkat Latest Achievement

4,000 visitors enjoyed their experiment at the Tinkering Studio in Mishkat..

More than 4,000 visitors enjoyed their experiment at the Tinkering Studio in Mishkat, such a huge number is considered to be a new achievement to Mishkat Interactive Center, and due to the success of the Tinkering Studio and the increased demand on its bookings, Mishkat decided to extend hosting it till the end of this semester.

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Nuclear Safety with Energy Talks

29 countries use safe, clean nuclear energy to generate electricity.

“Nuclear Safety” with a cup of coffee at Mishkat’s first Energy Talks for ladies on Thursday, Muharram 18th, November 21st.

Mishkat Interactive Center cordially invites ladies to have a talk on a cup of coffee around “Nuclear Safety” in a simple, pleasant, scientific atmosphere that encourages starting a conversation with experts and specialized scientists, and discussing and asking questions on atomic power.

The next meeting focuses on a lot of questions around nuclear safety and put the most important, common questions forward to be discussed and answered. You may begin thinking about:

what has been said about atomic power and whether it is true or is being studied?

what is the life span of atomic power?

Is radiation a kind of light that comes out of substances?

How can radioactive elements be dangerous?

All this and more shall be ascertained to uncover the truth of what is rumored.

Power talk meetings target people of 18+ years old. Such talks discuss the developments of atomic and renewable energy sciences in an enjoyable manner in order to encourage starting dialogues and discussing the aspirations of energy world.

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Baba Sokkar

Awareness Day Held by King Abdulaziz University Hospital in collaboration with “BABA SOKKAR” programme.

Mishkat is hosting children with diabetes from 4 to 12 years old to attend the Awareness Day Held by King Abdulaziz University Hospital in collaboration with “BABA SOKKAR” programme on Wednesday 21-11-2012 in Mishkat Interactive Center, We are so excited!

Coming Soon!

Mishkat Soon will launch a unique panoramic demonstration titled “Virtual Tour in a Nuclear Power Plant“

The film is a virtual tour of a real existing nuclear power plant (KEPCO) – THE KANSAI ELECTRIC POWER CO in Japan. It is a real time generated computer-graphic, with a total length of approximately 22 minutes.

Student Groups in

Together, we will continue to receive students group..

Mishkat Interactive Center welcomes back student groups after Eid Al-Adha break, all wishes to have a great time full of energy, learning and exploring in the world of sustainable energy.

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from Challenges to Success

In “Journey from Challenge to Success”, Mishkat Receives and Supports Scholarship Students in King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program

On Saturday, 3 Rabi Awwal 1435, 4 January 2014, Mishkat Interactive Centre received numbers of students applying to join King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program in its ninth stage “Journey from Challenges to Success.” This activity is organized by a team called “Generations-to-Generations;” it consists of a number of former scholarship students in different disciplines, working as volunteer to serve the large national project of Foreign Scholarship Program. They provide free courses to those interested in studying abroad, either on their own expenses or sent by universities and ministries or by King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program. This activity includes courses and discussions that interest scholarship students, from enrolment to graduation.

Mishkat contributes in this activity as a supporting sponsor under the name “The Supportive Interactive Science Fair,” especially that such supportive, learning and teaching activities are a part of Mishkat’s concerns in terms of furnishing the best environment and informing students of scientific disciplines of the importance of nuclear and renewable energy in the future of the Kingdom and the consequent new economic resources that our daily, consuming life depends on.

Saudi 2050 in United Nations Climate Conference

From The Kingdom Of Energy To The Kingdom Of Sustainable Energy!

Last November, K.A.CARE participated in Qatar Sustainability Expo, held at Doha Exhibition Center, parallel to the United Nations 2012 Climate Change Conference, from the day of opening; the 26th of November till the last day the 7th of December 2012, by the travelling exhibition “Saudi 2050”.
Qatar Sustainability Expo visitors were about 12 thousands, and the inspirational exhibition Saudi 2050 attracted the most, where it introduced a world of future possibilities enabled by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s realization of a sustainable energy mix. From programming a robot to designing a vehicle of the future, visitors discover how their everyday lives may be transformed, and be inspired to create their own ingenious energy innovations.

Saudi 2050 continues its journey in the Kingdom

Anchors in Yanbu City Port, at Dana Mall Center, within the events of Yanbu Industrial City Program for Energy Efficiency

aIn light of The Royal Commission interest in spreading the culture of energy efficiency and conservation as well as community awareness of the concepts and future of energy, and under the auspices of the Chief Executive of the Royal Commission in Yanbu, Dr. Alaa Bin Abdullah Naseef, Yanbu Industrial City has hosted ‘Saudi 2050’ exhibition for two weeks starting from Dhul Hijja 23 1434, October 28 2013. The exhibition contributes in the participation of children and young people in drawing their perceptions about energy future and what they can do in the field of energy and alternative energy. This has taken place among a range of exciting interactive exhibits that explore topics such as water, food, house, work and transportation, in order to inspire them, and ultimately contribute in creating the bright world of tomorrow.

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Energy Conservation Campaign

The energy conservation campaign.

On the 11th of February 2013, King AbdulAziz City For Science And Technology, in collaboration with The Ministry Of Education and Mishkat Interactive Centre launched the energy conservation campaign which was intended for elementary schools under the slogan “For A Bright Life”.
This campaign aims to raise awareness of the society to the importance of conserving fossil energy sources which are being used in electricity generation and water desalination.

Mishkat ‘s participation in this campaign is but a proceeding step in conveying its message of contributing with programs and events that serves the society in the diversity of energy fields, including conserving the consumption of electricity It’s participation involved, presenting essential notions of energy rationalization and advertising for activities and events concerning the campaign using social network devises and accounts across the kingdom, only to provide a much brighter future for generations to come.

National Olympic Judges of Scientific Innovation

The workshops are organized in an interactive way for only women

Mishkat is receiving training workshops for National Olympic Judges of scientific innovation. The workshops are organized in an interactive way for only women from Saturday, 18/November/2012 to Tuesday, 20/November/2012. The workshops will be hosted again in Mishkat on Sunday, 25/November/2012 and Monday, 26/November/2012 from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm.

These workshops aim to develop and refine arbitral participation skills in various fields of scientific innovation. Many arbitral participations of Saudi universities` professors are chosen.