Mishkat received 16147 students at the first semester

Mishkat Interactive for Atomic Energy It received during the school visits at the first semester in year 1437 AH 16147 students with their teachers, it’s began with a distinct identity and new and sophisticated of scientific exhibits which boosted concept of the student about the importance of using the atomic and renewable energy sources and economic, environmental impact on the future of the Kingdom. also The students gets benefited from Scientific specialty films in the area of sustainable energy, and the accompanying Scientific presentations that have been developed through the work team of the exhibition, which has been trained in the most prominent centers and scientific institutes around the world .

Scientific programs it’s not only for the student but was allocated a training program for teachers can develop his skills on the atomic and renewable energy sources and transfer the experiment to his Students in class, and the most important an interactive program (wamda) to simplify energy sciences for teachers of science in the middle school where this chapter has benefited 114 teachers. it should be noted that the Mishkat Interactive Center opens its doors free for school visits throughout the school year, and it receives students from the age of 4 years, where there are programs and different scientific presentations, it can also for teachers and supervisors begin to booking for school visits through the website for next semester.