Nwirna (trip exploratory of the teacher)


[ Nwirna | trip exploratory of the teacher ] had welcomed at Mishkat Interactive Center more than two hundred teachers and the pioneers of student activities and employees of the education sector, from the date of 22 November to 21 December 2015, where the program is designed to take the teacher on a journey of discovery to learn about exhibits and new scientific programs and activities that associated with scientific presentations. the importance of the program to provide an opportunity for the teacher to explore what’s new before the start of each semester and learn about the method of booking a school visits and planning to choose the program that fits with his students Visitors, as the exhibition group they Listening to the suggestion of the teacher and work on that to ensure a successful visit. At the end of the tour, the exhibition honored the teachers with certificates of appreciation for their visit to the exhibition and to take benefit from their opinions and suggestions.