“explorers in the energy of future” prize

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Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and renewable energy participated for the second time in a row with special prize “explorers in the energy  of the future” under the activities of the special awards competitions which organized by National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity at (mawhiba), Saturday, March 05 2016 in the Exhibition had nominated four  projects in the areas of sustainable energy by the  judging committee the scientific, and Crowned the award winners in the presence the Minister of Education Dr. Ahmed Aleissa , They are : Mudawi Almahfuz and Princess Mushaeil Aljlwy , Mansour Al-Dabbagh, and Mohamed Al-Hammadi , this award aims to strengthen the capacities of young people in the areas of sustainable energy by providing an integrated programme that increase winners by the Gnostic and skill inventory entitle them to participate in local and international competitions with research and innovations distinctive that competing in the fields of sustainable energy . the award added for system programs and initiatives offered by Mishkat Interactive Center to publishing a culture of sustainable energy in the educational community in Saudi Arabia , where the award is divided in three main sections : motivating award of 5000 riyals and bag renewable energy projects (professional bag of solar panel and bag of spark art) and a journey explorers future in the energy program and in a statement to the representative of explorers in the energy of the future : Murtada Abdul-Aziz said all that talented people to disclose all their talents and their creativity, and reveal their ambitions and aspirations of the future by participating in such forums and scientific competitions that will give them the opportunity to reveal their innovations . it is also important that the talented applies his ideas and inventions in his spare time and working on them in his daily life, especially in the intellectual, literary, artistic and sports competitions that take place between the classroom at school or among a group of schools . and he said : “a talented must face all the problems and the obstacles very firmly, and to be a reason to increase the level of knowledge and creativity”,  Abdulaziz Murtaza efforts provided by the organizers of the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity  in this unique and humanitarian initiative Which allowed talented young people the opportunity to be pioneers in the scientific and literary fields , hope from Allah almighty . that reflected result achievements and efforts that benefit to development process  in our dear country since its inception at the hands of the founder King Abdulaziz -taib allah Thrah- And to this day in the era King Salman bin Abdulaziz .

Mishkat interactive center participates at the first play conference



Mishkat interactive center of the atomic and renewable energy participates at the events of first play conference, which was inaugurated on the first of March 2016 under the title “Children between electronic and traditional games, educational vision for the future” in the celebrations and conference hall at King Saud University “Girls Section” in Riyadh. and comes the participation of Mishkat interactive center to Continue the cooperate with educational and cultural departments , and to assist in deployment of new learning methods on the other hand , discovery learning is a method that used in Mishkat interactive center and It’s offers programs and activities through exploratory technique that enable young people to increase their abilities to Analysis , installation and evaluate information with rational and achieve their sense of self when reaching to discover something , thereby increasing the motivation to learning which provides suspense and excitement felt by the learner through his discovery of information himself . Representative of the Mishkat interactive center and The supervisor of the wing Halah Murtada explained, The exhibition was keen to participate in this important international conference and the quality of events that owned, like a training workshops and lectures about modern educational methods in the learning process of young people. It also indicated that the wing contains models for interactive scientific, the experiments and training workshops that focus on the power generation technologies, aspirations and future innovations in the field of sustainable energy, the wing also reviews learning experience for visitors, programs, events and activities, which contribute to the definition sources of Atomic and renewable energy and the jobs that available in this field.