Mishkat Interactive Center Participates in the Second Excellence Conference at King Saud University

Mishkat Interactive Center (one of the initiatives of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy) was a participant in the second Excellence Conference of Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning, dating May 9, 2017, under the sponsorship of his Excellency the dean of King Saud University, Dr. Badran AlOmar. The center presented the interactive program “Wamda” that helps in simplifying the science of energy by training teachers of science subject of intermediate schools on classrooms activities and experiments that can simplify science principles and make it more attractive and interactive for students. The program is designed in collaboration with the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, USA, its objective is to provide teachers with simple methods that can be frequently applicable in the classroom with tools from the local market. In addition, it aims to expand the circle of scientific influence on students by training a generation of teachers to simplify the concepts of science in general and atomic and renewable energy in particular. The teachers training is to help them master the skills of conveying science concepts to students in simple, interactive and nontraditional ways, using materials that are easily accessible from the local market. The participating team from Mishkat Interactive Center presented the program “Wamda” in the main building for males in Hamad Al Jasser Hall, while for females it was in the College of Education from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The conference is targeted at faculty members in universities, researchers in the fields of science and mathematics, and the public and private educational institutions.