from Challenges to Success

In “Journey from Challenge to Success”, Mishkat Receives and Supports Scholarship Students in King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program

On Saturday, 3 Rabi Awwal 1435, 4 January 2014, Mishkat Interactive Centre received numbers of students applying to join King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program in its ninth stage “Journey from Challenges to Success.” This activity is organized by a team called “Generations-to-Generations;” it consists of a number of former scholarship students in different disciplines, working as volunteer to serve the large national project of Foreign Scholarship Program. They provide free courses to those interested in studying abroad, either on their own expenses or sent by universities and ministries or by King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program. This activity includes courses and discussions that interest scholarship students, from enrolment to graduation.

Mishkat contributes in this activity as a supporting sponsor under the name “The Supportive Interactive Science Fair,” especially that such supportive, learning and teaching activities are a part of Mishkat’s concerns in terms of furnishing the best environment and informing students of scientific disciplines of the importance of nuclear and renewable energy in the future of the Kingdom and the consequent new economic resources that our daily, consuming life depends on.