(Mishkat in your school) Back again


With the beginning of the second semester of the year (1436-1437 H ) community program ( Mishkat in your school ) returned to you . which aims to spread the culture of knowledge to explore the science in a way that is interactive and fun , and reach to the largest possible number of students in primary school in Riyadh and its environs , the first visits of the second semester began last Wednesday 27/01/2016 to King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz primary school in Badr district south of Riyadh , Mishkat Interactive Center participated and they made a presentation about energy around us for 110 student they knew from that the most basic concepts of the process of renewable energy generation and how to use them and take a benefit in daily life . as also that (Mishkat in your school) had participated in the first semester they visit 22 schools from different districts of the city of Riyadh, the number of students who beneficiaries of the program almost 1850 students, Since the beginning of the program in 2012 the total number of beneficiaries of the program reached to around 19656 students, also the team prepares to achieve a new number to visit about 30 schools and to give benefit more than 3000 students.