Mishkat Interactive Center Ends the First Semester by Hosting More Than 18,000 Students

During its first school visits for the first semester in 2018, Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy hosted 18,090 students with their teachers. The visits started with a themed demonstration that showed a distinctive identity, and new scientific advanced demonstrations that reinforces the student’s concept of the importance of using atomic and renewable energy sources and their economic and environmental impact on the future of the Kingdom. Moreover, the students benefited from scientific films dedicated to sustainable energy, and the accompanying scientific presentations developed by the Center’s team.

In addition, a volunteer’s training program was designed to develop the student’s skills on atomic and renewable sources of energy. By the end of the school’s visits, Mishkat honored the volunteers for their efforts and their effective contribution during the semester, where they had a prominent influence on delivering Mishkat’s message to all the visitors.

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Salham, Human Resources Manager of Mishkat Interactive Center, has emphasized on the importance of promoting the culture of volunteering and its societal effects, which is undoubtedly one of the pillars on which the Center depends on in its’ operation. He also accentuated on supporting the volunteers by sharing expertise with them, training and preparing them to become future leaders in all sectors.

It is worth mentioning that Mishkat Interactive Center is open for school visits (free of charge) throughout the school year, it hosts students from kindergarten to university level where different scientific programs and presentations are available.

Teachers and activity supervisors can start booking school visits for the next semester through the website.