60 talented at mishkat interactive center

60 talented participate in the summer program of talent to identify sustainable sources of energy

This is an enriching scientific program supervised by King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity.

The program focuses on raising the enthusiasm of gifted students towards sustainable energy programs in Saudi Arabia, introducing the types of alternative and renewable energy: solar, wind, tide, waves, atomic, geothermal… etc. and to contribute in educating a creative and innovative generation capable of exploring, reasoning and researching in various fields of energy.

This could be achieved through scientific and technical methods that change the way of thinking, generate creative scientific ideas, present both scientific and practical solutions to energy problems in general and to the methods of rationalization and consumption in particular. In addition, students could be guided towards science and engineering through programs that depend on educational robots in terms of building, programming, performing tasks and using in various fields of life. All of this will be in an interesting, entertaining, scientific way that depends on workshops, modern training methods, exploration and presenting creative solutions. The program will include external scientific visits and entertaining visits as well.

The program will last for three weeks from Shaaban 10th to 27th. After taking special tests, 60 gifted students from Riyadh have been nominated by King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity to participate in the program.

It is worth mentioning that Mishkat Interactive Centre is an initiative of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy. The Centre has a number of scientific, interactive exhibits that encourage visitors to directly interact with. In the Centre, visitors are encouraged to directly interact with a number of scientific, interactive exhibits and are introduced to how sources of sustainable energy are used.

Mishkat at the East Coast

Mishkat participate in The Fifth National Festival of Science and Technology..

Mishkat was glad to participate in The Fifth National Festival of Science and Technology, hosted by the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (scitech). Where such amazing event aims to contribute in raising the level of awareness about “The Importance of Investing in the Manpower” between the Saudi society in the fields of Innovation, science and Technology.

Saudi 2050 in Jubail Spring Festival II

In its continuous participations, Saudi 2050 participates in Jubail Spring Festival II

Jubail Spring Festival II organized by the Royal Commission for Jubail from 22/5 to 10/6/1435, corresponding to 23/3 to 10/4/2014. The 18-days-festival activities will be held in the Al-Fanateer waterfront of Jubail Industrial City.

Saudi 2050 is an initiative of Mishkat Interactive Centre for Atomic and Renewable Energy. It seeks to embody Saudi Arabia’s future vision and allows visitors to participate in forming such a future. The exhibition aims to enable today’s young people to become tomorrow’s energy innovators and take an active role in shaping their own future. This all comes through the exhibition which has a range of exciting, interactive exhibits that explore and exhibit the topics of travel, transport, food, water and home in an innovative way that depends on science fiction and experiment the future.

It is noteworthy that the Second Jubail Spring Festival is one of the public events organized by the Royal Commission of Jubail to encourage local tourism and stimulate the economic movement. The festival draws the attention of different society groups in general in the Eastern Region. It has a number of major corners, such as Productive Families, Azmeel Heritage Village, Folk Theater, Children’s Village, and Trips Exhibition.

Energy Talk | Perishable Treasure!

Mishkat Interactive Centre is pleased to invite you d to enjoy ‘Perishable Treasure’ – a pleasant talk on how to raise the efficiency of energy.

On 20 Rabea Thani 1435, 20 February 2014, and in a new meeting of the Energy Talks meetings, Mishkat Interactive Centre is pleased to invite you at the Energy Supply Rendezvous for a cup of coffee and to enjoy ‘Perishable Treasure’ – a pleasant, scientific talk on how to raise the efficiency of energy.

The next meeting expert will be Mr. Abdullah Al-Bawardi, Head of the Energy Audit and Management and Training team in the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC).

During the meeting, a number of important questions will be posed about raising energy efficiency and what is Perishable Treasure? Why should we maintain energy in the Kingdom? What are the greatest incentives for and challenges of rational use of energy at homes? How can we use energy efficiency cards for electrical appliances? What are the problems of the waste of energy consumption in the Kingdom? Moreover, ways and means to raise energy efficiency shall be discussed.

Share in the discussion with the expert, Mr. Abdullah Al Bawardi, holder of a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Curtin University of Technology (Perth – Australia), 2010, and of bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia, 2006, and pose your questions and views about the challenges that face raising energy efficiency.

It is noteworthy that Energy Talks program is a series of discussions and debates with experts and scientists in energy fields, which take place in a pleasant environment that urges the audience to open discussions and raise questions to learn about the latest developments in the sciences of atomic and renewable energy, and transparently discuss opportunities and challenges with specialist experts and scholars.

(This invitation is dedicated only for male participants of 18-years-old or more)

To participate in the coming meeting, please register.. Eventbrite – أحاديث الطاقة |كنز قد يفنى

Mishkat Raises Energy Sciences in IEFE 2014

On 3-6 Rabie Thani 1435, 3-6 February 2014, at Riyadh Center for Conferences and Exhibitions, and among 250 exhibition pavilions..

Mishkat Interactive Exhibition for Atomic and Renewable Energy participates in the 4th International Education Exhibition and Forum.

A platform for knowledge transfer, exchanging best practices and developing projects among businessmen and those interested in the education sector in Saudi Arabia and worldwide. The International Education Exhibition and Forum 2014 aims to discuss significant issues that help in the development of the sector of education in the Kingdom and in considering opportunities available through making local and international expertise in the field of education sector development available to teachers and corporations. Thus, Mishkat Interactive Centre will play an active role in spreading the culture of sustainable energy among all visitors and participants in the exhibition.

Mishkat Exhibition participates with a pavilion of several models of new interactive, scientific exhibits that deliver scientific information through innovative teaching methods, such as the global move towards drawing attention to energy, hydrogen rocket, hot air balloon, as well as the mobile cart which contains many interesting scientific experiments related to natural sciences in general and energy in particular, thus making scientific material enjoyable and interesting.

Mishkat pavilion will also present an introductory briefing on “Wamda” –an interactive program that simplifies energy science, directed to Middle School science teachers– in order to urge them to register in and join scientific workshops to be held during the second semester. The program aims to provide teachers with additional skills to help them communicate atomic and renewable energy science to the students in an unconventional, interactive way that depends essentially on workshops and interesting scientific experiments, using materials easily available in the local market.

Mishkat Centre initiative in the International Education Exhibition and Forum 2014 is an extension of Mishkat administration’s quest for more cooperation opportunities with public and private educational sectors. The Education Exhibition is a huge portal that offers an opportunity to reach out to a large number of decision-makers, investors and other interested parties in the education sector from all over the world, to discuss partnerships and establish joint programs and activities that inspire young people to be the pioneers of future energy and achieve the future orientation of Kingdom to be the Kingdom of Sustainable Energy.

For more information on the International Education Exhibition and Forum 2014, please visit HERE

Mishkat Participates in ‘Ibtikar 2013’

Mishkat Interactive Centre Participates in the 3rd National Innovation Exhibition ‘Ibtikar 2013’

In one of its external participations and community outreach, ‘Saudi 2050’ exhibition (an initiative of Mishkat Interactive Centre for Atomic and Renewable Energy) plans to participate in the national innovation exhibition ‘Ibtikar 2013’ which gathers most of the elements of the system of innovation and creativity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under one roof. In this participation, ‘Saudi 2050’ provides young people an opportunity to contribute in creating positivity and stimulating younger generations to become part of Saudi Arabia’s transition from The Kingdom of Energy to The Kingdom of Sustainable Energy.

Mishkat participates also with a number of its interactive, science shows presented by Mishkat science guides. Addressed to various, general education students, these shows include the ‘Energy around Us’ show, ‘Nanotechnology’ show and ‘Volta’ show, which contribute in delivering Mishkat’s message and its aspiration to stimulate young people to become pioneers of future power and to support King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy’s vision in the future.

You are welcome to attend this activity at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre on King Abdullah Road – East, from Sunday, Muharram 28th, to Thursday, Safar 2nd 1435, corresponding to 1-5 December 2013.

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Minister of Water and Electricity at Mishkat

Mishkat Interactive Center welcomed the Saudi Minister of Water and Electricity..

Minister of Water and Electricity at Mishkat Corridors On Wednesday the 17th of April 2013, Mishkat Interactive Center welcomed the Saudi Minister of Water and Electricity; Engineer Abdullah Al Hussayen and the Governor for Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority ( ECRA ) Dr. Abdullah Al-Shehri . During their tour at Mishkat, the guests engaged with the content of the exhibits in a very impressive way, where Eng. Al-Hussayen had discussion with Mishkat facilitators to help enrich their information regarding the relation of Energy and Water and its impact on the future of energy. Mishkat hopes that such visit would be a good model of the cooperation between the governmental sectors.

Media Preview

Media Preview of The Tinkering Studio On Thursday, 21-2-2013

Mishkat Interactive Center launched a media preview of The Tinkering Studio On Thursday, 21-2-2013, where Media representatives where able to cover the Tinkering Studio with the presence of Mishkat families and friends and encourage schools visits to book to visit Mishkat.

Great start of the Week!

The launch of The Tinkering Studio on Saturday 16/02/2013 till 10/04/2013

In an atmosphere filled of fun and creativity, Mishkat Interactive Center is pleased to announce the launch of The Tinkering Studio on Saturday 16/02/2013 till 10/04/2013 and for the first time in Riyadh. The Tinkering studio targets school students from different ages and encourages them to play, explore and invent by using simple tools in an environment that combines art, science and technology.

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