The launch of our exclusive film Last Drop

What if you got lost in the desert without a drop of water?

Mishkat Interactive Center will make you live a journey between the past and the present through our new exclusive film

 The Last Drop

About the Film

The film presents the topic of Water in an elaboration of its importance in our daily lives, and the challenges that Saudi Arabia is facing to provide desalinated water and its overall relation to energy.  Furthermore, emphasizing the role of science and modern technology in addressing water scarcity and how to engage the future generations in encountering such obstacles!

The film is designed by Mishkat Interactive Center team to explore more about the journey of water desalination together!


What are we going to do ?

Discover an adventure about our Past & Present

Exclusively in Mishkat

we celebrate the film premier with a special package of workshops and activities for you & your family to enjoy..


Saturday  25th of February 2017

From 2:00pm – 10:00pm

sold out

How do we get to the celebration site?

Address: Alaqarya Plaza, Ground Floor: Gate A

7235 Olaya, Olaya ST. 12244-2392 Riyadh

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
For more information you can call Visitor Services.



: 4099-4100