Saudi 2050

Saudi 2050 brings alive a vision of the future of Saudi Arabia of the future, introducing the main challenges we face and allowing visitors to take part in shaping this future. With a range of exciting interactive exhibits, exploring the topics of travel, transport, food, water, work, landscape and home, it aims to empower the youth of today to become the energy innovators of tomorrow and to take an active part in shaping their futures.

Very refreshing approach! Makes me feel very optimistic and enthused about the future with the excellent ideas. Kudos to Saudi 2050.

Great experience for the young generation and will stimulate their thinking about the different types of renewables energy sources

one word… WOW

Fun, interesting and motivating

The interactive Saudi 2050 exhibition was designed by the Mishkat Interactive Centre for Atomic and Renewable Energy in collaboration with the King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture (Ithra). It is 250 square-meters in size and contains 15 interactive exhibits arranged into 5 separate clusters. These can be arranged in different configurations to suit different spaces and for smaller venues the number of clusters can be reduced.

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Previous Saudi 2050 Venues:

– Saudi Aramco Cultural Program 2012, Dhahran, KSA.

– Arabia.Qatar Sustainability Expo 2012, COP18/CMP8 conference, Doha, Qatar.

– World Future Energy Summit WFES 2013, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

– Sultan Center for Science and Technology (SciTech)2013, Al khobar, KSA.