K.A.CARE grants 4 special awards in the field of Sustainable Energy!

In the National science innovation Olympics, which is held on an annual basis, in partnership between the Ministry of Education and The King Abdulaziz Foundation and his companions for the Talents and Creativity “Mawhiba” (http://ibda.mawhiba.org/Pages/Home.aspx), King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE) grants 4 special awards to students that have submitted distinguished researches in the field of sustainable Energies.

The “Future Energy Explorers” award aims to raise young researchers’ awareness in the field of Sustainable Energy and qualify them to achieve high ranks in national and international research competitions. Surly, it will help bridge their way to become future leaders of the Energy sector!

In the projects’ display session (one of the Olympics’ days) a judging committee from King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy and Mishkat Interactive Center, judges and nominates the best projects presented in the field. Only four will be granted the award, two students of each gender (two male students and two female students). The nominees shall abide by the following judging criteria (https://student.societyforscience.org/judging-criteria-intel-isef):

Research Question
  1. Clear and focused purpose
  2. Identifies contribution to field of study
  3. Testable using scientific methods
Design and Methodology
  1. Well-designed plan and data collection methods
  2. Variables and controls defined, appropriate and complete
Execution: Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation
  1. Systematic data collection and analysis
  2. Reproducibility of results
  3. Appropriate application of mathematical and statistical methods
  4. Sufficient data collected to support interpretation and conclusions
Creativity and originality
  1. Project demonstrates significant creativity in one or more of the above criteria
  1. Logical organization of material
  2. Clarity of graphics and legends
  3. Supporting documentation displayed
    1. Clear, concise, and thoughtful responses to questions
    2. Understanding of basic science relevant to project
    3. Understanding interpretation and limitations of results and conclusions
    4. Degree of independence in conducting project
    5. Recognition of potential impact in science, society and/or economics
    6. Quality of ideas for further research
    7. For team projects, contributions to and understanding of project by all members

National science innovation Olympics dates

The National science innovation Olympics is held annually, in partnership between the Ministry of Education and The King Abdulaziz Foundation and his companions for the Talents and Creativity “Mawhiba”. Dates are announced on Mawhiba’s website: (http://ibda.mawhiba.org/Stages/Pages/Index.aspx/ )

Target group

Intermediate and secondary school students.

The Award:

SR 5000

A renewable energy project’s kit and a professional Solar panel kit.

An enriching international trip Program.

“Explorer of Future Energy” award winners:

In 2017:

Sultan Salman Al Mteri

Masha’el Mansour Al Jalawi

Ali Marwan Helmi

Noor Nizar Al Khnaizi

In 2016:

Mohamad Badr Al Hamadi

Madawi Adib Al Mahfouz

Mansour Ali Dabbagh

Masha’el Mansour Al Jalawi

In 2015:

Saleh Fawzi Al Qaryan

Rahaf Ahmad Al Hazmi

Ala’a Adnan Kotob

Ghanima Nasser Abou Hemad