Q: What is the allowed number of students per visit?

A: One group per visit should not exceed 30 students, yet if there is a desire to have more than 30 students; then they should be divided to two groups. As for school visits, each school can regisrer a booking -a month prior to the visit- for 200 students per day.

Q: How many hours is required in order to visit all halls in Mishkat Interactive Center?

A: Upon registry of booking; Educational Relations Department will develop a scheduled plan for your visit. And to maximize the experience, we suggest for each visit not to exceed two hours.

Q: Why do we need to book early?

A: Early booking guarantees the utmost benefit from the interactive activities for students, for example: Energy Presentation and Volta Presentation. In addition, one of our instructors will present an introductory presentation on Mishkat Interactive Center and its objectives.

Your early booking allows us to capture the numbers of students and schools, and it helps in maximizing your experience at the Center.

Q: What fees are expected to be paid by the educational institution?

A: None, it is a free of charge visit.

Q: Can we book one of the educational halls?

A: We have two educational halls where we present workshops suitable for 4-18 years old, where students can participate in educational experiments.

You can also book our halls by contacting our Educational Relations Department:


Q: Can students bring their own meals?

A: Yes! Meals must be handed over to the reception office upon arrival, and they will be served at the given break time. We also would like to note that if you want to bring your own meals, please mention it at the visit request.

Q: Where can we park our vehicles?

A: There are parking areas for vehicles and busses in front of the main gate on Olaya road where busses can park on the left side of the entrance.

Q: Who are the escorting instructors?

A: They are the teachers escorting the students during their visit, they are responsible for the students order and behavior at the Center, and it is recommended that they are science teachers or any related field or have an interest in sustainable energy science.

Q: Is there a restaurant at the Center?

A: No.

Q: Which age group of students would benefit from visiting the Center?

A: The Center targets all students from primary to high schools, students from all age groups can benefit from it. Each visit would have it’s own program and schedule to maximize the experience!

Q: What are the visiting hours for school visits?

A: Mishkat Interactive Center welcomes schools from 8:40 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Sunday to Thursday.