Energy Capture

Would you like to experience a new world? Mishkat can offer you this new experience. But can your skills help you control this virtual world?

In line with the Saudi Vision 2030 Energy Capture is an interactive game enables the player to enter the world of Virtual Reality and enjoy the magic of this popular technology, all you need is to download the game on your smart phone and use our customized glasses for your phone.

You will have huge farms and you will have to solve some puzzles to generate power and rely on different sources such as the sun and wind and water.

Once you stand up and turn around yourself while playing you will see a three-dimensional image over 360 degrees through which you can discover this new virtual world!

You can use any virtual reality glasses suit your own devices, or you can purchase them by visiting the Energy Store at Mishkat Interactive Centre.

The Game features:

Easy controling


Games specializing in renewable energy

The games:

The game has been developed exclusively for Mishkat Interactive Center.

It is an “Edutainment” project

does not contain any open or hidden forms of monetization or advertising plus it is totally FREE!

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