Energy Talk | Perishable Treasure!

Mishkat Interactive Centre is pleased to invite you d to enjoy ‘Perishable Treasure’ – a pleasant talk on how to raise the efficiency of energy.

On 20 Rabea Thani 1435, 20 February 2014, and in a new meeting of the Energy Talks meetings, Mishkat Interactive Centre is pleased to invite you at the Energy Supply Rendezvous for a cup of coffee and to enjoy ‘Perishable Treasure’ – a pleasant, scientific talk on how to raise the efficiency of energy.

The next meeting expert will be Mr. Abdullah Al-Bawardi, Head of the Energy Audit and Management and Training team in the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC).

During the meeting, a number of important questions will be posed about raising energy efficiency and what is Perishable Treasure? Why should we maintain energy in the Kingdom? What are the greatest incentives for and challenges of rational use of energy at homes? How can we use energy efficiency cards for electrical appliances? What are the problems of the waste of energy consumption in the Kingdom? Moreover, ways and means to raise energy efficiency shall be discussed.

Share in the discussion with the expert, Mr. Abdullah Al Bawardi, holder of a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Curtin University of Technology (Perth – Australia), 2010, and of bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia, 2006, and pose your questions and views about the challenges that face raising energy efficiency.

It is noteworthy that Energy Talks program is a series of discussions and debates with experts and scientists in energy fields, which take place in a pleasant environment that urges the audience to open discussions and raise questions to learn about the latest developments in the sciences of atomic and renewable energy, and transparently discuss opportunities and challenges with specialist experts and scholars.

(This invitation is dedicated only for male participants of 18-years-old or more)

To participate in the coming meeting, please register.. Eventbrite – أحاديث الطاقة |كنز قد يفنى

Mishkat Raises Energy Sciences in IEFE 2014

On 3-6 Rabie Thani 1435, 3-6 February 2014, at Riyadh Center for Conferences and Exhibitions, and among 250 exhibition pavilions..

Mishkat Interactive Exhibition for Atomic and Renewable Energy participates in the 4th International Education Exhibition and Forum.

A platform for knowledge transfer, exchanging best practices and developing projects among businessmen and those interested in the education sector in Saudi Arabia and worldwide. The International Education Exhibition and Forum 2014 aims to discuss significant issues that help in the development of the sector of education in the Kingdom and in considering opportunities available through making local and international expertise in the field of education sector development available to teachers and corporations. Thus, Mishkat Interactive Centre will play an active role in spreading the culture of sustainable energy among all visitors and participants in the exhibition.

Mishkat Exhibition participates with a pavilion of several models of new interactive, scientific exhibits that deliver scientific information through innovative teaching methods, such as the global move towards drawing attention to energy, hydrogen rocket, hot air balloon, as well as the mobile cart which contains many interesting scientific experiments related to natural sciences in general and energy in particular, thus making scientific material enjoyable and interesting.

Mishkat pavilion will also present an introductory briefing on “Wamda” –an interactive program that simplifies energy science, directed to Middle School science teachers– in order to urge them to register in and join scientific workshops to be held during the second semester. The program aims to provide teachers with additional skills to help them communicate atomic and renewable energy science to the students in an unconventional, interactive way that depends essentially on workshops and interesting scientific experiments, using materials easily available in the local market.

Mishkat Centre initiative in the International Education Exhibition and Forum 2014 is an extension of Mishkat administration’s quest for more cooperation opportunities with public and private educational sectors. The Education Exhibition is a huge portal that offers an opportunity to reach out to a large number of decision-makers, investors and other interested parties in the education sector from all over the world, to discuss partnerships and establish joint programs and activities that inspire young people to be the pioneers of future energy and achieve the future orientation of Kingdom to be the Kingdom of Sustainable Energy.

For more information on the International Education Exhibition and Forum 2014, please visit HERE