“Saving Joule”

Riyadh, the 13th of Jumada II 1436 H in correspondence to April 2, 2015:

Mishkat Interactive Center “one of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy Contributions” releases next Sunday its new educational film, “Saving Joule”, in the presence of a number of the educational sector representatives and charity associations specialized in children care.

The film is part of the exhibitions’ objectives to raise the level of knowledge of sustainable energy sources and their economic importance in our daily lives. The film is specially designed for elementary school students; it is presented during school visits throughout the school year as a scientific activity companion that helps to deliver the atomic and renewable energy concepts and how to use them, and reviews positive aspects of such usage.
the attendees were entertained with programs and activities during their visit to Mishkat interactive Exhibition; drawing and coloring corner, photography corner as well as celebrating the 20 winners in the “draw a spaceship” contest which was announced in advance to the children from the age of 7-12 year.