The Minister of Education visits Mishkat

Riyadh, the 9th of Shaaban 1436 H, corresponding to May 27, 2015:

The Minister of Education, Dr. Azzam bin Mohammed al-Dakhil, visited today Mishkat interactive Center (one of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energys’ contributions). During his visit, he was presented with the most prominent educational programs provided by the exhibition that aids in raising awareness about the importance of the sustainable energy sources usage and the resulting positive effects on the environmental and economic level.

The Minister of Education remarked that the programs and methods of teaching should pay more attention to the subjects of energy, as the students’ field visits to Mishkat interactive exhibition will have a clear impact in motivating them and in educating them of the usage of sustainable energy sources.

It is worth pointing out that Mishkat exhibition is open throughout the school year to welcome school groups at a rate of 400 students according to their designated days (females – males). The tour begins by presenting an introductory presentation on the atomic and renewable energy sources, then watch the movie Kingdom of sustainable energy; which answers the three Key questions that are: Why Saudi Arabia, why the atomic and renewable energy and why now.

After that, the visitor starts to actually identify the answers to the previously mentioned questions through the interactive exhibits of scientific information. The visitor can applied and interact immediately with those exhibits.

Mishkat In Alrras for the first time

In a new gesture, Mishkat Interactive Center (one of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy contributions), fulfilled an abroad event in the Qassim region – Alrras province – in cooperation with the athaminah high school for girls.
From the 29th of Jumada II to the 4th of Rajab 1436 AH, corresponding to the 19th until the 23rd of April 2015.

This comes within the Abroad Visits program, which targets students during the school hours to provide scientific presentations, programs and events, and to contribute in motivating youngsters to be the pioneers of the future energy. In addition, it aims to raise awareness of the importance of the atomic and renewable energy sources usages.

These events supports the Kingdoms’ orientations to be the Kingdom of sustainable energy in the future.

The event Included, a presentation of a scientific display for the students: (nanotechnology presentation and Volta workshop), with 1045 students as participants in it. As well as presenting the interactive program to simplify Energy Sciences (Wamda), with 52 teacher as participants, where they have been enlightened with additional skills to deliver Atomic and Renewable Energy science to the students, in a new and interactive method, based on the essential role of the workshops and the interesting experiences. All that by using materials can be available easily in the local market.

Children Joining The Energy Journey

Mishkat Interactive Exhibition introduced a new scientific presentation within its wide range of programs and scientific presentations. Its’ title is “Energy Journey” presentation, it is a “workshop and a story” aims to present children of the ages between 4-6 years to the renewable energies (Solar – Wind – Waves), how to use it and benefit from it in producing electric energy.

At the end of the presentation, the child is given a simple model explaining one of the renewable energies that he/she identifies through the story.

One of the Scientific Facilitation team members is presenting the presentation that takes 40 minutes with the capacity of more than 20 child.