Launch of “Mishkat Ambassadors” Program in Cooperation with the Ministry of Education





On Sunday, December 11, 2016, Mishkat Interactive Center has launched the training program “Mishkat Ambassadors”, which comes as a complement to the efforts in cooperation with the Ministry of Education to expand its approach and access to all classes in communities nationwide. The first stage of the program aimed towards the educational department supervisors of science subject in intermediate phase; this stage has launched in cooperation with the educational administrations of the Eastern region and Makkah region.

“MishaktAmbassadors” aims to acknowledge atomic and renewable energy in the society, support Saudi Vision 2030 to achieve sustainability and extent the influence on the human resources. The program is based on training educational supervisors to be the perfect ambassadors of Mishkat by gaining additional skills and knowledge on interactive learning methods to convey the science of atomic and renewable energy in a proper way and spread awareness of it on a wider range. In addition, they will be provided with major scientific sources that can contribute in supporting their scientific principles and their mechanisms of implementing or applying scientific workshops in schools. The development of the program and the training of the instructors were under a strategic partnership with The Exploratorium Teacher Institute in San Francesco – USA.

Mishkat Interactive Canter Participate in the International Persons with Disabilities Day


Mishkat launches The Effectiveness “Of Their Right”

Mishkat launches The Effectiveness “Of Their Right”

On December 25, 2016, Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy will be hosting a group of persons with special needs, physical disabilities and autism, on the occasion of International Persons with Disabilities Day under the slogan “Their rights”. This initiative comes as part of the main and annual objectives and programs launched by Mishkat Interactive Centre to reach all members of the society and encourage awareness and consciousness of atomic and renewable energy sources and usage. In addition, it is a means to spread awareness of the full rights of persons with special needs, improve the quality of education provided to them and enable them to rely on themselves to be productive elements in our society.
The program of the event includes a full tour with our visitors around the center through the scientific exhibits and interacting with each one, an introduction to the sources of atomic and renewable energy, the future of our kingdom in the sustainable energy production and its influence on our economic and environmental lives. Then they will watch The Kingdom of Sustainable Energy movie, which represents the kingdom’s vision to be the Kingdom of sustainable energy.  There will also be an opportunity for our valued visitors to participate in scientific activities and interactive presentations such as Energy Around Us – Electro – Volta workshop – Nanotechnology.
Throughout the year Mishkat Interactive Center seeks out opportunities to cooperate with special schools and charities to engage students with special needs and enhance partnership and collaborations to coordinate such visits and special events, Among these associations are: Mother of Prince Faisal bin Fahd Centre for Autism, King Fahad National Children Cancer Canter, Down’s Syndrome Charity Association, The Association of Motor Disability of Autism, Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Humanitarian City, and other specialized centers and associations