Nuclear Safety with Energy Talks

29 countries use safe, clean nuclear energy to generate electricity.

“Nuclear Safety” with a cup of coffee at Mishkat’s first Energy Talks for ladies on Thursday, Muharram 18th, November 21st.

Mishkat Interactive Center cordially invites ladies to have a talk on a cup of coffee around “Nuclear Safety” in a simple, pleasant, scientific atmosphere that encourages starting a conversation with experts and specialized scientists, and discussing and asking questions on atomic power.

The next meeting focuses on a lot of questions around nuclear safety and put the most important, common questions forward to be discussed and answered. You may begin thinking about:

what has been said about atomic power and whether it is true or is being studied?

what is the life span of atomic power?

Is radiation a kind of light that comes out of substances?

How can radioactive elements be dangerous?

All this and more shall be ascertained to uncover the truth of what is rumored.

Power talk meetings target people of 18+ years old. Such talks discuss the developments of atomic and renewable energy sciences in an enjoyable manner in order to encourage starting dialogues and discussing the aspirations of energy world.

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