Wamda program has completed its first season

Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy in Riyadh has completed its first season of Wamda – innovative and interactive courses for male and female science teachers. Wamda’s mission is to provide hands-on, minds-on training in activities designed to illuminate different areas of energy-science. The activities have been developed so teachers can easily replicate them in the classroom using locally sourced materials.

Wamda was developed in close partnership with the Exploratorium in San Francisco, USA, one of the world leaders in informal science education.

Mishkat’s Wamda Trainer and Program Administrator, Ms. Shama Al-Hawawi, reflected ‘We are delighted with how well Wamda has been received by teachers. It was clear how keen the teachers were to develop themselves and their skills, contributing to enabling a knowledge society capable of facing future challenges”.

“I’ve availed from the workshop; after leaving Mishkat, I applied what I’ve learnt on one of the lessons with my students. I would like to join all the workshops and repeat the experience again,” said a teacher participating in the program.

The second season of Wamda will launch in October 2014. All sessions will take place at Mishkat.