In Cooperation with NAMES, Mishkat Hosts the International Group of Design Club

Mishkat Interactive Center, an initiative of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, hosts the International Design Group Club under the umbrella of the North Africa and Middle East Science Centers Network (NAMES) and under the supervision of “Nayzak for Technology and Science.”

This occasion come in collaboration with educational and cultural bodies to contribute in spreading the new methods of learning. Moreover, it comes in accordance with Mishkat’s direction in considering exploration as its learning method, and offers its’ programs and activities through exploratory methods that enables youngsters to increase their ability to analyse and evaluate information rationally and to realize their sense of discovery, thus stir their motivation to learn and discover more knowledge.

The program will be females only between the age of 10 to 13 years who will participate with different countries to develop their skills and learn about creative thinking, design processes, and the steps followed by international engineers and inventors to reach distinctive solutions.

This programs’ aim is to reach a bright future in light of the contemporary developments and the effective involvement of Saudi women in the society and the opportunities they have invested in to succeed in their professional and personal life, thus Mishkat motivates Saudi women in accordance with vision 2030.

The program is one session per week for 12 weeks around the world. Furthermore, it is a social platform aims to develop the participants’ focus on the future of the Kingdom in aspects such as; thinking methodology, international influence, and interactive learning. In addition, this program is a set of engineering activities, design process, steps followed by engineers, inventors and creative people in how to develop solutions for the project with the partner of Mishkat in the program, Turkey, by presenting works and experiments in each session, which will help develop their international competence.