Mishkat Opens Its Doors to Host School Students

Mishkat Interactive Center, one of the initiatives of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, opened its doors to welcome student groups during the second semester in 2019. In preparation for this occasion, Mishkat set a number of scientific presentations that reinforces the students’ concept on the importance of using nuclear and renewable sources of energy and its’ economic impact on the Kingdom’s future. Moreover, the Program Development Department has developed a number of scientific presentations for public education students on all grades, one of which is the “Nuclear Energy Challenge Workshop” that targets elementary grades students, and focuses on the future of nuclear energy. In this workshop, our visitors and their colleagues will have three challenges to learn about “the necessary clothing and tools for work, discover where the key element of this natural energy is and how robots work inside the reactors.”

Among these presentations is also the nuclear presentation targeting intermediate and high schools, which is an interactive and interesting presentation where a student discovers the secrets of nuclear energy through entertaining experiments that demonstrate the nuclear fission, how it happens inside the nuclear reactor and the nuclear energy efficiency.

In the current semester, Mishkat Interactive Center aims to host more than 40,000 students of all grades divided on special schedules that includes the dates of student visits according to the capacity of the Center’s and its’ operational capability.
Activity leaders and teachers can also start booking school visits through the Mishkat’s official website at www.mishkat.org.sa