The conclusion of The Mishkat Ambassadors Program For This Year in the Regions of Mecca and Tabuk in Partnership With the Ministry of Education

Mishkat Interactive Centre, an initiative of the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, has launched the ” Mishkat Ambassadors” program, which comes in partnership with the Ministry of Education within its’ operational plan, which contributes to the renovation and creativity of the scientific content teaching methods.

The programs’ main objective is to train administrators through specialized scientific workshops aimed to simplifying energy science proposed in school curriculum by preparing and qualifying science administrators with the skills of interactive learning methods of atomic and renewable energy science to pass it to other teachers and become ambassadors of Mishkat Interactive Centre in various regions of the Kingdom. Moreover, efficient deliverance of energy science to students and create an interactive learning environment within the classroom through the establishment of workshops and exciting experiences. The program was developed through a strategic partnership between Mishkat and The Exploratorium in San Francisco.

The first stop of the “Mishkat Ambassadors” program for this semester was the region of Mecca, where 34 educational administrators from different provinces were trained. The next stop was in Tabuk region, where 28 educational administrators were trained. After that, the program continued in each region on a four-day course where many scientific experiments were presented.

It is worth mentioning that through the “Mishkat Ambassadors” program this semester, 249 educational administrators has been trained in many regions, including the regions of Medina, Jeddah, Hail, Eastern Province, Qassim and Yanbu.